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There’s no “I” in TEAM


My 4 year old has become addicted to playing wii…okay, so have my husband and I.  

For his birthday, my son received a driving wii game and its become part of our everyday routine.  

There’s challenges and battles and races and we have a blast playing all together.

However, yesterday we realized that my son has become all about winning.  He doesn’t like it if we place first or even higher than him.  My son has become quite the competitor.  

After a few games yesterday, and my husband and I joking around that he beat him, my 4 year old started to cry.  He hated the fact that he didn’t win.  However, when he wins and is all “haha, I beat you”, he thinks it’s okay.

So we had to sit down and talk to him and tell him that if he doesn’t like us saying that to him, he can’t turn around and tease  us with it.

We also tried to explain that games are not about winning or losing or who comes in first.  Its about having fun.

He isn’t convinced.  But we will now try to instill that in him every game we play and with every future sport or activity that we sign him up for.

How have you been successful teaching your kids about winning and losing?

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  • Maya Fitz December 6, 2013

    No! We’re having similar challenges with our 3 year old…. Letvme know if you figure it out 🙂

  • Me, Myself and Kids December 6, 2013

    I definitely will! We are going to see what happens today.

  • Mom December 21, 2013

    I think “lead by example” is a good phrase to keep in mind. Point out those occasions on TV, or in real life, when you see competitors shake hands at the end of a game or competition, when they congratulate each other on a game well played, rather than focus on who won. Maybe all your games should be introduced or started with this in mind, and begin each session with words like “no matter who wins, we are going to have fun” and at the end, congratulate your son for playing well, and encourage him to do the same to you. Every time you play together, make it a routine–positive reinforcement will eventually help!

  • Me, Myself and Kids December 21, 2013

    Great ideas!!! Thanks!!! Its been much better since this post but reminders every now and then won’t hurt!!

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