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Life is too short…

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I have literally been staring at my computer screen for the past 5 minutes wondering how to start this post.  Not only how to start it, but what exactly to write once I do get started.

Nothing seems important at the moment.  My mind is all over the place thinking about life and family and love and loss.  And just how sad I am.  And imagining the sadness of others.  Its heartbreaking.

I guess you’re wondering just exactly what I am talking about and where I am going with all of this.

I’m not even sure myself.

Just over one year ago, one of my closest friends lost her father.  Today, one of my mothers best friends, and my dear friends mother passed away.  It was a long time coming but the fact is, when it actually happens, its so much worse.

I really don’t even want to get into it.  I just want to say this:

Life can be difficult.  And painful.  So we have to live each day to the fullest.  Its amazing how we are reminded of that when bad things happen, yet we should remember that all of the time.

We should be saying I love you everyday, and cherishing everyone around us. Spending time with those who matter as much as we can.

Life is too short to be bitter or jealous or judgemental.

Do unto others as you want done to you.

Be thankful for what you have and stop pestering over things you don’t.  Because those things don’t matter when you lose someone.

Its not easy saying goodbye to people we love.  But we hold on to the wonderful memories that were made and we live and learn with them.

Nobody said life was fair.  And sometimes its not.  But life is too short.

No one said it would be easy, but hopefully it will be worth it.

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  • directorb January 27, 2014

    Good thoughts.

  • Mom February 13, 2014

    So profound…absolutely right on.

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