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Darn DST…you wreak havoc

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I lost not one but two hours of sleep last night.  The dreaded Daylight Savings Time (which by they way I thought would be easy-peasy) and the one hour I was up wondering if my 16 month old was okay…

I went to bed early last night knowing that I am not a morning person, so to lose an hour of sleep would not make things any easier.

At 2am, I hear some coughing coming from my son’s room.  He is getting over a cold and he’s been coughing for the past few nights so didn’t think much of it.  But one of the coughs I heard seemed a little more ‘aggressive” than the rest…I checked the monitor, didn’t see anything, and went back to sleep.

I heard a little moan, checked the monitor again and T was sitting up in his crib.  At 2am!  But he wasn’t crying, moaning had stopped, coughing had stopped and I was exhausted.  So, I did what any mother would do who doesn’t go into their kids rooms in the middle of the night, and went back to sleep.

Except I couldn’t fall back asleep.  I had a little voice inside my head telling me I should go and check him.  But I was sooooo tired. And he was fine!  He had lay back down and was asleep.  I knew that if I went in now, he would wake up and just want me.  I knew that wouldn’t be good and it would just take longer to get him back to sleep.

So I didn’t listen to the voices in my head.  I went back to sleep.  It was now 3am.

Just before 8 this morning, which technically was 7am and the time I go get T, I hear him playing in his crib.  I love hearing him laugh and play and talk to himself  in the morning.  It means he’s in a great mood and its going to be a good day.

I could smell the vomit from the hallway.  My head shouted at me.  I cannot believe this!  He had thrown up!  It was everywhere…all over the mattress, his blankie and him.  His room REEKED.  Kind of reminded me of the time I left a diaper in his crib and he had poo everywhere.

I felt horrible!  I cannot believe my babe had slept in a crib full of vomit for the past 5 hours!

I keep going over it my head…I hate myself for letting that happen.  I tried to use best judgement knowing that I could have made it worse by going in his room should everything have been okay.

But once again, the gut is right, and I should have listened to it.

How many times am I going to allow myself not to obey the voices in my head!!

Damn you DST!!!

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