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Say Bye Bye To Diapers!!



About 8 weeks ago I wrote this post about our attempt to toilet train T.  If you read it, you will know it was a bit of a struggle and it wasn’t going very well.

Well, about a week after that post, we unfortunately had to put him back in diapers. He just wasn’t ready yet.  We toilet trained our oldest the weekend before his 3rd birthday because he wasn’t ready until then, so why did we feel we had to pressure T 2 months before his 3rd birthday?

It sometimes feels like so much pressure; from other moms, parents, in-laws about getting their kids on toilets.  I mean my husband was apparantly trained by 9 months! I know many who have their kids trained by the time they are 2.  Well, my boys just weren’t like that.  They had no interest, and I wasn’t going to push them.

The week before T’s 3rd birthday was a long weekend and we thought it would be the perfect time to try again.  We used the same method we did for Z. Underwear all day no matter what, we would deal with the accidents, and at night he could wear a Pull-Up.

First day wasn’t so bad.  A few accidents, a couple pees on the potty, and a lot of holding it in.  I couldn’t believe how many hours this guy could go without peeing!

Second and third day were much of the same but he was actually getting better. He would even go #2.  We were so excited and so impressed by the change in him in just 8 short weeks.

He actually wanted to go use the toilet.  He was excited to use it.  And praised himself and gave high-5’s after each visit to the washroom.

He would use the regular toilet as well as a potty and we didn’t mind.  Whatever he wanted to do, we let him.  We knew if we gave him free reign it would be alot easier.


After 3 great days, he was back to preschool.  We packed his bag with underwear and pants in case of accidents and off he went.

I’m happy to report that I can count the number of accidents on one hand since then. It has been almost 2 weeks.  We are so proud of our little man.

And I still can’t believe we are now officially a DIAPER FREE home!!  Can I get a woot-woot!!

So, Bye-Bye Diapers…its been nice, but glad to see you go 🙂



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