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Coming Together with #Netflix

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My kids get along for the most part.  Yes there are days where there are fights…who gets the iPad, who had that toy first, even who gets to get into the car first!  You name it, there is something that can be argued about.  TV probably tops the list.  The older wants to watch ‘this’ but the younger wants ‘this’.  We have a rule that we must compromise, take turns and share. The good thing is they are only 3 years apart so for the most part, they like the same shows.

But our friends at Netflix know that battles are inevitable and that’s why they want siblings everywhere (of all ages) to get along famously, no matter their differences in show tastes.

That’s why Netflix has created Netflix Siblings Playlists! An easy way to help kids came together over Netflix.

Here they are:

A Tale of Two Distant Ages

This playlist caters to both your 5-year-old AND your 14-year-old.

Sugar and Spice Playlist

If one kid’s sassy and the other one’s sweet, this playlist will be sure to please.

“Meet in the Middle” Playlist

Deciding on a genre is hardest when it comes to watching together. From comedy to action, this playlist includes titles that have a little bit of everything for everyone.

       Since we know getting a collective answer can be easier said than done, Netflix has created an iconic fortune teller to help your
family decide what to watch next. Even better, you can create your own using the blank template here.

         HOW TO PLAY:
  1. Pick a colour on the top four flaps and spell out the letters (e.g. B-L-U-E) while alternating a pinching and pulling motion with the teller to reveal a set of four numbers.
  2. Pick a number and move the fortune teller the corresponding number of times, revealing a second set of four numbers.
  3. Choose a genre and open the flap to reveal what’s up next on Netflix!

Which playlist did you use and which title did you choose?



*Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. I receive product in exchange for monthly posts about new and exciting Netflix series. All views and opinions are my own…

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