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Kids…Do They Need A Break Too?

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Us moms and dads know that when the kids go to bed it’s break time. Isn’t it the time we look forward to everyday? Our time to unwind from the long day and relax. Even if it is only for a short time.

Well, what about the kids? Do they deserve a break too? We love curling up in front of the TV to binge watch our favorite Netflix show, so is it fair to let our kids to the same? Between school, friends, sports, homework, and swim lessons (to name a few), kids too have a lot on their plates. Even during summer break they have long, hot days of playing outside at camp, so an episode or two of their favorite Netflix show can be the quick mental reset they need. My kids are LOVING Lego Ninjago. In fact, they have watched all 5 seasons at least 50 times!!


Do you let your kids unwind with Netflix after a busy day?

As a way to unwind, take your kids on a journey of exploration with a helping hand from Netflix.  Travel has proven to be a great way to open kids’ eyes to new and diverse people, places and things and with Netflix, you can introduce your little ones to the vast Arctic Plains with Frozen Planet or the depths of the jungles with Wild Ones. The options are endless when you travel with Netflix!

Make it fun by creating your own Netflix Passport

And then put it to work! Every time Netflix transports you to a new culture or era, draw your own stamp to keep track of what you watched. And get creative! Maybe you get a T-Rex “stamp” for The Good Dinosaur, or a penguin for Happy Feet.


Now pack your bags, grab your Netflix Passports and take your kids on the ultimate adventure. Where will you go first?

New on Netflix for June/July:

What will you and your kids be streaming this month?



Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team. I recieve product and perks monthly in exchange for posts about new and exciting Netflix series. As always, opinions are my own…

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  • Krista M November 5, 2017

    Yes of course kids need a break, too! They work hard at school & deserve to unwind just like us. I just got a TV & Netflix in my daughter’s room so she can watch her favorite shows like Riverdale after she is done any homework. She just chills out & gets to relax like her mom!

    • Debbie Akerman-Davidov November 5, 2017

      That’s amazing!

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