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Road Trips – They Can Be Fun!

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My husband and I have always been into taking road trips. Six weeks into our relationship we took our first road trip together.

Our first roadtrip together in 2007

And since then we have gone on plenty more.

First Florida road trip in 2011 with a 2 year old

Fast forward 10 years and now there are two kids in tow. We love our road trips and have taken the kids on a handful already. We have done a few short ones but our longest has been the drive to Florida which is quite a distance to travel with two young kids. Two days in a car is a long time. You need to prepare for just about anything and everything. I think I even overdo it sometimes but better have too much than too little!

Two weeks ago we went on another road trip. We drove to Mont. Tremblant which is about a 6 hour (non stop) drive from where we live in the GTA. Not so bad. We knew it would take us slightly longer with a stop for a bathroom and lunch but knew that 6-7 hours in the car would be easy for the kids. If they have survived 26 hours, they can survive this!

If you have taken a road trip before, you know that the kids need to be entertained if they are going to be stuck in a car. I needed to find toys or games that would occupy them for an extended period of time. I came across two products from Plasmart that I thought would be perfect, and they were. So of course I have to share it with you! Here they are:


The Orbo is a fun snap and match puzzle. The object is to push all of the coloured balls into the orb and mix up all of the colours. Then you try to move the balls and snap them back into their proper colour spot. You can make it as challenging or as easy as you need to depending on your kids age. When they are done, you just mix them up again for a new challenge! My kids love playing this and let me tell you, it can last a long time and eat up a good chunk of your travel time!


Check out one of their YouTube videos for more info.

The Orbo is recommended for ages 4 and up $9.99USD/$10.99 CDN

Travel Bingo


I can honestly say we had such a great time playing this classic game. And being on a highway where you don’t see very much made this game literally last for hours! The kids never got bored and had so much fun staring out the windows and trying to find their icons!

Travel Bingo is so easy to play. It comes with two cards with 25 picture slots. As you spot the picture or sign, you slide the red window cover shut. The first person who gets them all wins! The kids couldn’t get enough of it. You can even play alone if you want to. It was a fun competition for the kids and it took us everything to not shout out all the attractions as we saw them so the other person wouldn’t see it too!! (we are so competitive, haha).


And when the game is done, there is a kid friendly maze on the back to take up even more time! (they thought of it all…)


Z was so excited that he won the first game!


Travel Bingo is recommended for ages 4 and up $5.99 USD/ $6.49 CDN

See, road trips can be fun if you have the right stuff!

Of course there are a lot of other great choices to bring on your trips like cards, iPads, rubix cubes and more. What will you be taking on your road trip?



Disclosure: In exchange for this post, I received perks in the form of products and/or compensation. As always, all opinions are my own.



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