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Party Hacks Thanks To Netflix

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed as your kids birthdays approach? You know, that feeling like there is going to be so much to do? Where do you even start?

Yup, that happens to me around July of every year. My first was born in September and my second in October, so from July to the end of October I am in full panic planning mode.

But what if I told you that there is a way to relieve some of the birthday stress? Something to help us moms and dads make your child’s birthday even more exciting but with no work on your part?!

Well, happy birthday to you, mom and dad. Today, for the first time ever, Netflix released 15 Birthdays On-Demand, where characters from LEGO Ninjago, Luna Petunia, Beat Bugs and more help make birthday celebrations a piece of cake.

Kids may be the ones wearing the crown on their birthdays, but Netflix knows that it’s parents who are the real heroes on the big day. While many parents admit to feeling social-media fueled pressure to give their kids a huge party (44%), most wish they didn’t have to go Pinterest-crazy to give their kids a good time (69%).

With this new hack, parents can simply press play and kids’ favorite characters will sing them a special birthday greeting – made just for them (or so they’ll think).

Netflix is taking the celebrations to the next level – no cake baking all-nighter required – by letting kids celebrate with Trollhunters or Pokėmon, anytime, anywhere.

Launching in the world’s most common birth month of September (just nine months after the holidays, wink wink), Netflix Birthdays On-Demand gives parents an easier way to make their kids birthdays special.

partyAnd with the world’s most common birthday on September 16th (did I mention that’s MY birthday?!), Netflix is giving parents the ultimate birthday hack right when they need it most.

So last week when it was Z’s birthday we did just that. We had our own little family party when he woke up just for him. It was the perfect treat for him to start his birthday!


And then, thanks to the amazing options of titles for Birthdays On-Demand, all we needed to do was push play! Have a look and see what we did and what could be in store for you!


What stresses you out the most about birthday party planning?
Nearly half (44%) of parents around the world feel the pressure to be “party perfect” for their kids but you don’t have to go overboard!

Just search “Birthday” on Netflix to unlock the 14 Birthdays On-Demand titles available for streaming:

DreamWorks All Hail King Julien, Barbie, Beat Bugs, DreamWorks Dinotrux, Legend Quest, LEGO Friends, LEGO Ninjago, Luna Petunia, My Little Pony, Pokemon, Project Mc2, Skylanders Academy, DreamWorks Trollhunters and Word Party.

Now that’s a wrap.


Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. I receive perks in the form of product in exchange for monthly posts. As always, opinions are my own…


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  • kathy downey September 25, 2017

    That’s so awesome,loved the video!

    • Debbie Akerman-Davidov September 25, 2017

      Thanks! There are 15 different ones!!

  • Lynda Cook September 26, 2017

    This is so cool of Netflix, I will have to check it out!!

    • Debbie Akerman-Davidov September 26, 2017

      They are really cool!

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