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I Sometimes Forget You Are Only Five

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I sometimes forget that you are only five years old.

You are so independent so sometimes well, I just ‘forget’.

That is probably why I let you do so much on your own. You see your older brother doing it so you want to too. I get it. And I think it’s great.

But sometimes I forget you are only five.

You still need me for many things…

Like when you ask me to help dry you off after the shower. That you ask me to help you get dressed. When you ask me to help you get the snack out of the pantry. Just to name a few…

I LOVE helping you. You are my baby, and I will always help you. You NEED me!

So why is it that sometimes, I just say no?

Like when you and your brother get out of the shower and he’s drying off by himself, so can you. That you are perfectly capable of getting dressed by yourself…you’ve done it for so long now. You even choose your own clothes!

When you can easily get your own snack out of the pantry, why do I just continue what I’m doing so you can just do it yourself?

Because sometimes, I really forget that you are only five.

Now that your brother is 8.5 he does so much on his own. Do I assume that he’s doing it so you can too? Or do I just think that you are a big boy now so why can’t you just do it by yourself? I want you to be able to do things on your own. I want you to have a sense of independence so that things are easier for you growing up. That’s okay right?

But you are only five.  Only five. Still so little. You still need help. You still WANT help.

I know you just want mommy. And that makes me so happy.

So next time you ask for help or want me to do something with you, I will say yes.

Because you are my baby. And I won’t forget that you are only five.




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  • Kristy February 2, 2018

    Love this. My oldest is 5 (almost 6). She’s so independent. Sometimes, when she asks for help, I too forget that she’s only 5. Let them be little! 🙂 One day, they won’t need us so much. And we’ll miss it.

    • Debbie Akerman-Davidov February 2, 2018

      I know! Totally agree!

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