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Starting My Journey…Again

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Just over a year ago I wrote about the lifestyle journey I was on with regards to my eating and fitness. I loved where the journey had taken me… weight loss that included slimmer hips, smaller chest and a slimmer waist.

It felt amazing taking clothes to get taken in because of the inches I had lost.  And it allowed me to feel more confident in my body.

But somewhere along the journey of last year, I stopped tracking what I was eating thinking that I could do it on my own.

And I did for a while…I kept working out, kept eating a lot of protein throughout the day, and ate pretty healthy during the day. But the snacking started…I can’t help it if I’m a chocoholic.

Obviously I wasn’t paying attention to the amount of snacking because the pounds starting coming back.

I could notice a slightly tighter feeling in my pants. I noticed that I wasn’t as comfortable in my workout clothes as I had been previous. It wasn’t alot or noticeable to others (at least that’s what they told me), but I could notice it and feel it.

And slowly over time, I could feel it more and more. Last week was no exception with it being March Break, always on the go and not paying attention to what I was eating. I also blame myself for all the leftover candy and chips after a party I had for my husband. Someone had to eat it!

Anyways…I felt it. I can see it. And I need to get back to where I was before. I need to lose those pounds in order to get back to where I was before if not more!

So, here I go again. I am starting another journey with a flexible dieting lifestyle.

Every day I will track my days using My Fitness Pal. I will meal plan and will stick to the macros given to me by my coach in the first round last year. And I will continue to workout.

And lastly, I will hold myself accountable and pray I have the willpower not to eat more chocolate than allowed on a daily basis 🙂

So wish me luck and I hope you will follow me on my journey!




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For the last 7+ years I have immersed myself in the "mom life". My blog, appropriately named Me, Myself and Kids is my life; the challenges, the laughter, and the tears. But I also offer my own version of motherly advice. In doing so, I’ve designating myself as an MD or “Mom Doc”. Not because I know it all. Don’t get me wrong. It’s an open perspective; my learnings shared so you can take the good, bad and ugly and adapt it to your own family life. So please join me as I share all of the crazy and overwhelming thoughts and experiences of the mom life with Me, Myself and Kids.

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