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Make Your Recipes a Breeze with Almond Breeze

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You would never know with the Toronto weather we are having that it is actually Spring. I mean, when has it ever snowed in April? Maybe it has, but doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I can’t wait until the warmer temperatures arrive and backyard patio season begins.

Being outdoors just reminds me of slushy drinks, cool smoothies and okay, a good margarita!

But one of the things I am really looking forward to now that I finally have a good blender is making the perfect smoothie!

With my flexible diet, I’ve decided to incorporate more fruits and proteins and smoothies are a perfect way to do that.

With the help of my coach, she gave me some excellent ideas for recipes and one of the key ingredients is Almond Breeze Original Almond Milk.

My kids and I are huge milk drinkers, both chocolate and regular. As much as it’s great for proteins, the carbohydrates in a cup is high. Which is why I choose to substitute with this milk.


One cup only has 1 gram of carbs which makes it so much easier to fit my macros! Furthermore, it adds the perfect flavour combination and just the right amount of sweetness!

almond I bet you might not know just how well Almond Breeze knows almonds. Did you know?…

The Blue Diamond Growers cooperative has been growing almonds on the beautiful orchards in Sacramento, California, for over 100 years.
Blue Diamond’s 3,000+ growers range from first-to-fourth-generation almond-growing families.

Having perfected their craft, each carton of Almond Breeze is delivered with carefully selected almonds you can trust and family pride in every drop.
As one of the only brands to grow their own almonds, Almond Breeze products come with the added assurance of the highest quality.

So whether it’s a smoothie, coffee, cereal or that delicious banana bread, there are always ways to incorporate Almond Milk.

Check out some delicious recipes you can create here –>


To learn more on why Almond Breeze products are the perfect choice for your cooking needs or for full recipes, please visit

What savoury creation will you be making with your milk?



Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Almond Breeze. As always, opinions are my own…

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