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Our new way of finding a good book

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A couple of weeks ago my oldest came home from school and said he was finished his book and didn’t have anything else to read. We scoured his book shelf but he didn’t want to read what we had at home or had already read what was there. So I told him that we will head on over to Indigo and buy him a couple of books.

As we were making plans to head to the bookstore, I put out a message on my facebook page asking for recommendations for books for 10 year olds. And while the recommendations started coming in, someone asked, why don’t you go to the library?

The library! Who would have thunk it! Well apparently others, but I didn’t! I think the last time I was in a library was in my university days.

I remember going when I was a kid. In fact I think I went pretty often. But isn’t it funny that I didn’t even think of going to the library, and my mind immediately went to retail locations, where we spend money for a book that will be read once and put away forever?

I thought it was a great idea to get the kids their own library cards and go with them and have them choose whatever they want from a large selection. Plus with it being March Break, it was the perfect way to spend a couple of hours of the day.


An exciting part was that my youngest was all over it! He couldn’t wait to see what options were available for him to try. And he was amazed at how many books there were! I guess the school library is a little different? But it made me so happy that he was excited to get books! Some of you already know, but he had a speech delay which has led to him being slightly behind in reading. So the more practice he gets, the better! He ended up choosing 3 books to bring home.

My oldest had a few books in mind before we went, but unfortunately they weren’t there when we went. That’s the one thing I didn’t like about going to the library vs a bookstore that would carry it. But, the good thing is we got on a wait list for when it does arrive.

So, after much searching, he found what he wanted and ended up with two books.


When it was time to check out, the kids got to set up their own accounts, and have their own personal cards for when they wanted to come back. I think it made them feel important. Like their own personal credit card! 😉


Alot has changed since I was a kid. I mean now you can take out board games and even Xbox and Nintendo Switch games. And, podcasts and audio books are all the rage lately, and they have a huge selection of those too.

So, hopefully we will make this a regular occurance, and make time to head back every few weeks to get new books. And I also hope I remember to bring the books back by the due date!!


So tell me, do you go to the library? When was the last time you went?




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