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The New Way To Listen To Your Fav Podcast

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I used to love to read. But then kids happened, and well, there was a lot less time in the day. And I didn’t have the patience or the time to just sit back with a book. Something would always come up. So more often than not, the book was left on the shelf while I tended to whatever needed my attention at that time.

I have really wanted to get back into enjoying books. But still, I find it hard to have a book in my hands when it always feels like there is something else to do. Whether it be being with the kids, or the everyday household management like cooking, laundry, etc.

But lately that need has seemed to shift and all I’m hearing about is podcasts. My attention was grabbed! The idea that I can listen to a podcast versus having a big, heavy book in my hands was very appealing. Keeping me free to do things that are needed and have my hands free seemed like a no brainer. A total mom win if you asked me.  And the other best part of the idea, was that I could listen to these podcasts or audiobooks with my favorite new product, the AfterShokz Trekz Air Headphones.



The last couple of months I have written how these AfterShokz headphones have been a game changer for my athlete husband and for me to help keep my fitness goals a reality. But now I have found another amazing use for them outside of working out!

AfterShokz uses bone conduction technology which means they send mini vibrations through your cheekbones directly to your inner ear, ensuring your ears remain completely open to hear ambient sounds.

This technology is a game changer, especially for us moms and dads. We can be listening to our favorite podcast and still be open to hear what is going on around us. So if the kids need us, no problem. If the laundry needs to be folded or dinner needs to be made, no problem. We can still do everything we need to even when duty calls. You are in complete control.



The headphones are lightweight, bluetooth-enabled, wireless and provide comfort all day long. You won’t even remember you are wearing them!

ThThe headphones open-ear design offers awareness while still being able to listen to your favorite songs or podcasts – a must have for everyone constantly on the go!Ts

So, now I’m calling on you! If you already listen to podcasts and have a favorite (or two, or three), leave a comment below and hit me up with some great titles!

And don’t forget to check out these headphones for your everyday. Plus, you can get $50 off* your wireless bundle by clicking HERE. Use code PTPA at checkout!

Trust me, you’ll thank me 😉

*Valid in Canada only. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Disclosure: This blog is in partnership with PTPA and AfterShokz. I received product and compensation for the purposes of this post. As always, the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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  • Casie Stewart April 15, 2019

    I love mine for podcasts and listening to audio books. So light you almost forget you’re wearing them!

  • Mar Ward April 16, 2019

    We love ours for podcasts – I can catch up on my latest pod while still being able to hear the girls!

  • Kathryn Dickson April 26, 2019

    I think I could use these for so many parts of my day! Awesome find!

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