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My Pre and Post Workout Go To’s

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I can honestly say that one of the things I miss the most being in home isolation are my workout studios. I’ve never been motivated to workout at home, but over the last 3 weeks I obviously haven’t been given a choice.

I have actually surprised myself and have been working out more now then I do normally. I have been going everyday but changing it up to keep it interesting and to not over do it or hurt my body.

I’ve been doing Orangetheory At Home, Modo Yoga, Dancebody, and my own ‘creations’. I have found that by adding in these different things and not focusing only on what I normally do, which is cardio and strength training, that my body is getting the variety and the stretch it needs. Especially with the yoga addition.

I have had some seriously sore hip flexors and lower back pain over the last couple of years. I have done physio, taken breaks from cardio, and have added in a routine for muscle recovery.

I have learned that not only is stretching super important to do daily, but also what we use on our bodies to help alleviate some of the soreness we experience from working out.

I have also learned that before, during and post workouts, it is also essential to put the right things into our bodies.

That is why, over the last year, I have incorporated a new pre and post workout routine. Here are my go to products and why I love them.



Hydration is essential before, during and after a workout for performance and recovery. The Phytosport line comes with three options, Hydration, Prepare and Endure and After Workout.

Using the Complete Hydration during my workouts helps support energy production and increase physical performance during intensive exercise, while helping maintain proper muscle function for the maintenance of good health. Complete Hydration also provides antioxidant support as well as botanicals like Panax ginseng, which helps enhance physical capacity and performance in cases of physical stress.

The entire line is BSCG Certified (Banned Substances Control Group) and certified by Informed Sport.

Fizz Sticks

I use fizz sticks either during a workout or in the afternoon. Fizz Sticks act as a replacement for your morning coffee or for when you start to feel the afternoon sleepies! Just stir in a fizz stick to create a refreshing bubbly drink with a botanical blend of ginseng combined with caffeine naturally derived from guarana and green tea to temporarily help promote alertness. Energy Fizz Sticks also enhance cognitive performance, help promote endurance, enhance motor performance, and help reduce fatigue. Which is why I enjoy them during a workout as well.

Protein Shake

One thing I have learned over the years working with nutritionists and trainers, is that protein is essential post recovery. I used to have protein bars after each workout, but when I tried this shake mix, I was hooked.

This shake mix provides 20 grams of vegan protein, plus more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals per serving. Clinically tested and certified to have a low glycemic index, which promotes stable blood sugar levels, when used as directed. Benefits include:

■Build and repair body tissues ■Maintain good health and proper muscle function ■Assist in the building of lean muscle mass when combined with regular training and a healthy, balanced diet

It has become a daily ritual adding a shake in post workout. I mix it with other products that help my digestion and health as well, like the Arbonne fibre boost and probiotic.

The shake mix also comes in chocolate, marble cake and cinnamon roll flavours.

Herbal Muscle Massage Gel

My husband is an athlete and knows about sore muscles! Even with what I do, my body can definitely feel the pain. We’ve used and tried a number of products, but I don’t love that they aren’t clean ingredients and have chemicals. So we turn to this! Now when sports and exercise have your muscles aching, turn on the heat! Feel the pain-relieving benefits of this gel that soothes tired muscles and provides temporary pain relief of minor muscle aches and pains. Contains menthol and eucalyptus and feels so good!

Now while heat may be great for those sore muscles, so is cooling them! Thats why I also love using this:

Rescue & Renew Detox Gelee

This is the fresh way to cool down 😉 This cooling gel can be rubbed on to help soothe tired muscles, as well as provide hydration for soft, smooth-looking skin thanks to green algae. I promise this will make you feel so much better!

We are all stuck at home right now, and so many of us are doing our own workouts. We need to pay attention to our bodies especially now, and take care of them! We can’t go out to our local retailer whenever we want or need something. So skip the middleman, start using clean, and keep these products in mind when you need to replenish.

There is nothing easier than shopping online and having these amazing products delivered safely to your front door. Not to mention at a discount 🙂



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