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Do You Change Up Your Fitness?

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There’s no “back to the gym” in sight and home workouts have become like second nature to me now.

I’ve found a new love for spinning, the Peloton app for strength and core, but felt like I was missing something.

So of course when it was Amazon Prime Day, I took full advantage and instead of buying some dumbbells for weights, I decided to change it up and get resistance bands!

The good thing about resistance bands is that no matter your physical health or fitness goal, resistance bands have benefits for everyone. Resistance bands provide resistance to a regular bodyweight workout and make it extra challenging. By adding resistance band exercises it can help engage all of your major muscle groups and provide the perfect full body workout.

What I love about the ones I purchased, is that these loop bands can work for any person at any fitness level because each loop offers a different degree of resistance. The bands come ranging from 10 – 40 lbs but you can stack them together for up to 110 lbs! ?


Here are some benefits to using resistance bands:

⚡️burn fat, tone and increase muscle strength
⚡️can add assistance as well as resistance
⚡️great for stretching
⚡️lightweight and you can take them anywhere
⚡️suitable for all fitness levels
⚡️great for injury recovery and used in physiotherapy

Do you use bands in your workouts?



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