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10 Things You Should Stop Doing

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10 things you should stop doing 👇🏻

1. stop comparing yourself to other people. There is no point. Everyone’s living their own lives.

2. stop believing in the perfect life. (Everyone experiences highs and lows)

3. stop being negative. You only live life once. There is no point living with negativity in your heart.

4. stop letting other people decide what your life should be.

5. stop NOT caring about your health. Health is everything we have. When it starts fading, that’s when you become aware of just how lucky we are when we’re healthy.

6. stop going after things that aren’t for you

7. stop wanting to impress people with material success.

8. stop wanting to be perfect.

9. stop fearing what is ahead. Instead try to stay open to life. Wanting to have a sense of control can’t be on the list anymore.

10. stop holding on to people who don’t serve you

Is there anything you would add to this list?



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