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PPS better known as post pregnancy syndrome


I know that there are symptoms of pregnancy and post pregnancy that moms have to face. But when they actually happen to you, you cannot believe the effect they will have on you.
As I approached the 4 month post pregnancy mark just 2 weeks ago, I shuddered remembering one of the biggest effects that I lived through with my first-born. That’s right ladies…the dreaded hair loss.
When I had my first I could not believe what was happening. And when I read about it and saw that it would happen for up to a year I was in shock. A year? Are you kidding me?  All I could do was remember the beautiful, shiny long flowing hair I had during pregnancy. I loved playing with it and would stare at it thinking “wow, pregnancy hair is amazing”. Nowadays, I get queasy as I pick up the hairbrush knowing that I am going to pull out an obscene amount of strands.
Okay, okay, I know this is “extra” hair that I grew during my pregnancy and that I’m not actually “losing” my hair, but still…do I need to have this extra hair fall all around me? Stuck in the carpet, in the shower drain, sitting on all of my shirts? The dreaded “tickle” on my arm knowing, “great, there’s another one”. My husband is getting quite annoyed picking up after me wherever I go. I mean, it is EVERYWHERE.
It’s funny to think of all of the things your body goes through before and after pregnancy. And don’t get me wrong, the kids are totally worth it. But the changes, OY!!! I had a closet full of shoes that I had to give up after my first-born because they didn’t fit anymore. My feet grew a whole size!! Whats up with that?? Only advantage = new shoes!! I haven’t worn a decent bra in months because nothing fit while I was pregnant, and now I’m breastfeeding so I need the feeding bras. My hormones at times are still uncontrollable, granted I had PMS before kids were even part of the equation. I’m ALMOST into my smallest jeans but not quite there yet. I could go on and on.
I guess my advice is; get a pedicure as often as possible so your feet always look and feel great. Be thankful you are on maternity leave and can live in your Lulu Lemons and sweats for months. If you have to suffer through wearing feeding bras, invest in a nice and comfy one cause you’ll be in it for a while (you and your hubby will get the lingerie days back soon enough). Tell your husband to steer clear when your hormones are off balance…it really is the best thing for the both of you. And the hair loss…well, I have no answers for that one. Just know it will end at some point! Hopefully sooner than later. I don’t think my vacuum can take it any longer.

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