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Why Protein Is Important for Cancer Patients

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Why is protein important for cancer patients?

Good nutrition is an important part of treatment and recovery. Getting enough protein can help you:
• Build and maintain muscle mass
• Build a healthy immune system to fight infection
• Improve recovery during and after cancer treatment

Protein rich foods are a good source of calories. Calories are important for maintaining your body weight during treatment.

The average healthy adult should have approx 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. People having cancer treatment may need more protein.

Main Sources of Protein
Animal protein: dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, and eggs
Plant protein: nuts, seeds, soy products such as tofu, beans, and legumes
Supplements: protein powder, ready-made protein shakes


Tips for eating more protein
• Eat high protein foods at every meal and snack
• Add extra egg whites to homemade French toast, pancakes or waffles
• Add meat or poultry to homemade soups or salads
• Keep hard boiled eggs on hand for easy snacks
• Cook extra portions of protein foods to have leftovers for meals or snacks
• Add protein powder to drinks and foods

Use protein supplements if you are unable to eat enough protein to fill in the gaps.

Check out this LINK for the best vegan protein powder to add to your daily intake!

Do you get enough protein into your day?



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