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Hot Wheels Connector Club

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As a mom of two boys I know how important games and activities are to them. They love getting their hands on anything, especially cars!

Now that school is coming to an end, finding ways to keep my kids interested in playful learning can be hard.  So when Hot Wheels approached me with their Hot Wheels Connector Club I was overjoyed.

Not only do they get to play with something new, these Hot Wheels sets help with language skills, gives them the ability use their imagination and visualize different patterns.

My kids couldn’t be more excited to open the boxes.  They were in awe!!

First box they wanted to open was the HOT WHEELS SUPER SPEED BLASTWAY track set.  Not only was this super easy for me to build, but my sons could help!  We figured out where each piece fit into, and Z loved attaching the stickers to the pop up characters.


On this track, you can play by yourself or with a buddy and play against eachother! You send your Hot Wheels up and around the speedway and at the end of the race the finish flag appears and rewards the winner.  At the top of the speedaway are different characters that pop off after every lap around the speedway.  The boys absolutely loved this!

The second track the boys wanted to try was the HOT WHEELS TRACK BUILDER SPRIAL STACK-UP Set.


I loved this one.  Here is where the play based learning definately came into play.  You can build a track for your cars in a number of different ways.  The parts give the kids the ability to build up, down or even around the set.  It allows your children to use their creativity and design and customize your own patterns.

IMG_8520IMG_8475IMG_8474My kids literally come home everyday from school to play with the cars and speedway sets.  Even their friends are asking to play with all of the Hot Wheels.

You too can make summer learning fun for your kids.  Check out for more information.

Stay tuned for more on these amazing products and all the fun my kids had playing!

Disclaimer* I have received these products with my affiliation with the company.  The opinions stated on this blog are my own.

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