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Officially a hockey mom



Part of my job as an aunt to my three nephews is to watch them play sports. For the past number of years, I’ve been to countless baseball and hockey games.  Each time I am amazed to see the crowd of parents and all of the cheers as well as screams coming from the stands.

There were times I thought these parents were a little too much.  Screaming at the kids on the ice or the field, the cheers, the boo’s, you name it.

But I get it now.  I have officially become a Hockey Mom.  And I couldn’t be more excited.

My son is six years old and just started his first year in House League hockey with the TCHL and the official team sponsor of Tim Hortons.

He’s been learning to skate since he was 4 years old and in the last year has learned to skate for hockey.  One of his closest friends is in his second year of hockey, and when all of the conversations about hockey games started, my son wanted a part of it.

He didn’t quite know what to expect when he started in this league.  All he knew were the drills he practised at his lessons.  Besides watching hockey on TV, he had no clue what all the different positions meant or really what to do for that matter.


This past weekend was his first ‘real’ game.  He wasn’t scared or nervous, but actually excited (also because dad is his coach).  He tried really hard, skated as well as he could, and even tried to steal the puck and get some goals.

He came off the ice and told my husband how great it was.  He even said he liked it so much better than he thought he would.  He didn’t mind me screaming out “go get the puck!” or “skate faster!”.  He just really enjoyed playing and being on the ice.

His team lost the first game, but he didn’t care.  He had fun and understands that its not all about winning but having fun…until of course its playoff time 😉

I’m so happy he’s enjoying it and I can’t wait for a great hockey season!!


Do your kids have a love for sport?  Pleas share!



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