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What Do I Need To Do To Get Some Sleep Around Here?



Without going to bed at 8pm after my kids, I really need to know the answer to the burning question: What do I need to do to get some sleep around here?!?!

I honestly don’t think I have had one full nights sleep in the last year.  When my oldest started sleeping through the night it was amazing.  And we finally had many nights without interruption.  When we chose to have another baby, I remember thinking to myself, “but I just started sleeping through the night”! (Okay, with the odd pee breaks…c’mon, who’s with me?)

I figured another year or two of sleepness nights being up with baby and we will be back to our slumber.  Little did I know then, my youngest son would be the BEST sleeper…until he turned 2.

We tried it all…even took him out of his crib early thinking he just needs a big bed. So we put a mattress on the floor with his own duvet and pillows and figured we would get ‘real’ furniture soon. There are nights thats he’s great and sleeps through.  But I’d say a good four, maybe even five nights a week he is up at some point.

He makes his way to our room (which I suppose is alot better than calling for me from his room like our oldest does) and either wants in mommies bed or mommy has to sleep in his bed.  I think over the last few months I’ve actually slept in his bed MORE than my own!  I don’t think my husband has slept alone this much in years!!

I really hope this is just another phase of a toddler.  We’ve ordered a brand new bedroom set and big boy furniture.  As he puts it, “Taylo’s bed tiny”.

He will be 3 in 2 weeks and I just know it will stop.  RIGHT??!!  Please tell me it will stop!!

Do any of your kids have sleep issues?  How do you deal with it?



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