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Last Minute Gifts For Your Fav Teacher

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Is it just me or has the last year of school gone by in the blink of an eye? I still can’t get over that it is almost the end of June and the last week of school is next week!

Of course that means moms and dads need to start planning for end of year; getting ready for camp, or travel, and of course, providing the teachers with end of year gifts to say thanks.

Every year I take to a few of my favorite brands to find the perfect gifts for my sons teachers. Last year I found some great options and know that this year shouldn’t be so hard.

My favorite places to look are Indigo (because they always have a great selection of everything), Staples (because what teacher wouldn’t love items towards the following school year), and of course, (because online shopping is just too easy).

Here are a few of my fav finds this year if you are looking for those last minute gifts for your fav teacher! And did I mention they are ALL under $30??!!

lastTeacher Notebook        //                     Wine Goblet        //              Amazon Gift Card


lastLesson Plan and Record Book        //         Staples Gift Card



Book – Tea             //         Simple Tea Set           //          Indigo Gift Card

Have you already purchased your teacher’s gifts? If so, what did you end up with?



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