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You’re Only As Old As You Feel

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You’re only as old as you feel!

Life can get busy. Sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day. But you always have to make sure to carve out time for you. Do the little things that make you feel good, and prioritize yourself and your health, without being too extreme.

Here are some ways you can keep feeling your best.
⚡️Drink 2L+ of water everyday
⚡️Movement! Move your body for at least 20 min a day – spin, walk, jog, yoga, pilates, weights, even a good stretch helps. whatever u like!
⚡️Sleep! Aim for 6-8 hours of sleep a night
⚡️Eat clean! Eat foods that are good for you but also remember balance!
⚡️Consider supplements! Like having Greens every morning. The energy I get and the health benefits from it are amazing.
⚡️Meditate! This can help manage stress from our everyday
⚡️Socialize! Especially now for those of us still in lockdown…make sure you are talking to people outside of your home. Schedule zoom calls with your friends, visit your parents/family…whatever it is, carve out time for socialization.
⚡️Care for Your Skin! It’s not only about what goes in to your body, but what goes on it too! Stick to a skincare routine ; wash your face, remove makeup…trust me, the earlier you start the better!

By making healthy lifestyle choices, you can keep yourself feeling (and looking) your absolute best.

What are the things you do that make you feel better?

Are you into any of the things I put on my list? Tell me everything!



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