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One of the reasons I love Twitter


I’m really not the one to complain.  About anything really.  Sometimes that’s good and sometimes…not so much.

I’m the kind of person who in a restaurant won’t complain if my food is cold, or came a little late…granted I worked in a restaurant for many years so I empathize with the staff.  Regardless, I usually suck things up and go on my merry way.

However, when you have been a loyal customer to a certain manufacturer and their brands, and you have an issue, you expect to be taken care of.

For the past 4 years I have been using Born Free bottles.  When my oldest was using bottles we noticed that every so often the bottles would leak during use.  I, being the “non-complainer” that I am, sucked it up and dealt with it every use.  However, now that my second son is using them, its become quite frustrating.

Shaking his formula and having it leak all over my hands, him, the floors, etc…well, I got a little annoyed to say the least.  It got to the point where I said to myself “I can’t do this anymore, I’ve got to do something”.

I decided to take to Twitter and posted a tweet that said “Getting frustrated with my @NewBornFree bottles.  They are leaking every time I feed!!! #fail”

The very same day the company got back to me saying they are sorry to hear I am experiencing problems and to call their customer service and I will be taken care of.

Great!  Very impressed with the service so far, and loving Twitter because of it.

To make a long story short, I was not taken care of by the customer service agent I was lucky enough to get on the other end of the phone line that day.  I was not impressed by her level of service, her lack of empathy for my issue and the fact that she basically told me that unless I had a proof of purchase, she would not help me.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t keep receipts longer than 1 month.  Once that bill is paid, the receipt goes in the garbage.  So to not only expect me to have a receipt, but to have a receipt that goes back 3 years, I mean, COME ON!!!

So, I did what any other social media addict would do, and took to Twitter.  Again.

I replied back to the tweet that I received saying that I would be taken care of and flat-out told them I wasn’t.

Sure enough, that same evening, I got another response saying the manager is going to take care of it, and to call back in and to ask for her directly.  So I did.  And you know what?  I was taken care of!  The proper way!  By someone with manners and who understands the needs of their customers.  This, I was impressed with.

4 days later, as I write this blog, 5, yes 5 new bottles were sent to me.  I cannot wait to use my new bottles and not have formula leak all over the place.

So, why do I love twitter?  Because if it weren’t for my tweets, I don’t think I would have experienced the level of service I received from the manager and it goes to show what little it takes to make consumers happy and KEEP THEM.

So yes, I love Twitter.  And if it takes getting attention through a tweet because I’m not getting service elsewhere, I’ll take to Twitter again.  Won’t you?

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