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The Reason I Have Alot To Live Up To

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This Mothers Day was like no other…I’ve written about Mothers Day before and how I have felt like they weren’t necessarily about me.  And that last year I realized that didn’t matter; that I was lucky to have my mom with us after all she’s been through over the past 3 years.

But this year, my husband got my kids involved and made my morning not only memorable but fun!

After Z “spilled the beans” the Friday before Mother’s Day, and told me he had presents in his bag that he made me at school and at his after school program, I told him that he had to hide them and only give them to me on Sunday.  He was so excited.  So excited that he hid them in more than one spot.  I would hear him running around the house that night and Saturday changing the spot he hid them.

Apparently, it was Z’s idea to make a scavenger hunt with his daddy and brother.  They would pick different spots in the house to hide the gifts he and his brother had made for me, along with the gifts my husband got me.  The night before I was left a note saying to meet everyone in the kitchen at 8:25am for a “Mothers Day like no other!”

My first clue was waiting for me in the kitchen and Z and hubs read it to me together indicating where I should go.


At my first stop “where the toys are” I found Z’s gift he made at school; a painted hand print, poem and a picture he drew about why he loves his mom (Its because we go places together…how cute!)


From there came more clues, along with cards and presents.


T didn’t forget about me either and made me a jewellery box at daycare.  I just adore the handmade gifts, don’t you?


Hubs  listened knew what I wanted and surprised me with a brand new pair of Nike running shoes since I haven’t had a new pair since 2008!


We had such a fun morning and the kids loved running around the house with me, getting clues and finding the gifts.

I said to Z yesterday morning that we are going to have to think of something great for Fathers Day now so that daddy can enjoy his morning as much as I did.  Z agrees.  And says we should get daddy a new pair of running shoes too.

How was your Mothers Day?



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