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My no good, very bad, terrible anxiety issue…

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The past few weeks have been stressful.  Like nail biting, haven’t had a manicure in 3 weeks kind of stressful.  Between doing a little work gearing up for the end of my mat leave *tear*, packing for a move and looking after a 10 month old baby, I have no idea of what’s what.

To top it all off, my little man is about to turn 4 and start JK.  And if my anxiety level wasn’t already through the roof, there’s worrying about him going to a new school.

When I thought I couldn’t make things worse for myself, last week I swear I thought I was back in high school.  I had received an email from the schools principal letting me know whose class Z was going to be in.  I quickly emailed all of my mommy friends with excitement asking which teacher their LO had.  Out of the first 2 moms I spoke too, neither one of them had the same teacher.  “Oh no!”  I thought.  “He’s not going to be with them? What if his other friend doesn’t have the same teacher either and they are all together?  He’s going to be left out!  Is he not in the “cool kids” class?”

I literally freaked out.

All of these random (ok, childish) thoughts ran through my head.  And for a good couple of days too.  I was beside myself.  I want my kid to have friends in his class!

Yes, I know he will meet people and has no problem making friends.  But to make the transition easier for him it would be sooooo much better if he knew at least ONE kid!!!

And finally the call came…from one of my closest friends.  Her daughter, Z’s friend, was going to be in his class!  PHEW!  I can breathe again.

Am I ridiculous that I felt this way?  Or is this a normal mom thing?

I remember the anxiety I had sending Z to his first day of daycare when he was 1.  Worse for me than it was for him.  I remember sending him to his first day of preschool when he was 2.5.  Way worse for me than it was for him.  And I have no doubt that sending him off on his first day of JK will be way WAY worse for me than it will be for him.  But I’m a mom…anxiety is part of the job description don’t you think?

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