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Time Flies When You Are Having Fun…

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header They say time flies when you are having fun.  But the last month has been a flurry of crazy activity that I’ve completely lost all concept of time! What has happened you ask?  My oldest son has finished his first year of school, my husband and I finally got to take a vacation without kids, my little one started to walk, and just yesterday was Z’s first day of camp. Now to some that wouldn’t seem like much.  But to us, its a world of firsts and long overdue’s, and it feels like everything is happening so fast! I remember when Z started JK…his first day of school felt like it was yesterday. I remember thinking my baby is growing up so fast…I remember the morning of, his excitement as we pulled up to his new school, and the smile on his face when we got there and said  goodbye.


And now, he’s done.  In the blink of an eye.  “Graduated” JK, and in just two short months will be starting SK (and turning 5 all in the same week…but that’s a whole other post). photo 2









This is us on his last day of school

You know those times when you book and plan something a few months in advance and you wait and you wait until that day finally arrives?  Yes…that was my husband and I over the last few months.  We hadn’t taken any time away for ourselves since last July.  That’s right…1 WHOLE YEAR. Finally, with our 6th wedding anniversary around the corner, we got to enjoy some quiet time (a.k.a. no kids) and we took a well needed (and deserved if I do say so myself) trip to Miami.  To THIS:


Can you say HEAVENLY?  No kids, pure sunshine, beach, food, alcohol, no stress, pure relaxation.  Do you know the last time I said I was stress free and relaxed?  ME NEITHER. It was 5 days of nothingness, that came and went…again, in the blink of an eye.  And it took about 3 hours from the time we landed to the kids bedtime for the stress of reality to kick right back in.  But I am sure glad we went. Now for those of you who have been reading my blog, you know that I wrote a few months ago that my youngest son wasn’t walking by the time of his 18 month check up. Well, after only 1 month and 4 visits from a physiotherapist for tips and tricks to get him more confident in walking, I am proud to say that my baby is fully walking. Its funny, that with my first, who didn’t start until he was 17-18 months, I felt so different about it with my second.  But regardless, so much has changed and happened and now, he gives us quite the chase!!! Finally, as June came to an end and July began, our oldest started his next adventure of independance.  Z started his first day of Camp Robin Hood.

photo 4

Another brand new first for all of us.  And while I spent the majority of the day wondering about him and how he was enjoying himself, I knew that this was just another first of many more to come. He had an amazing day…and came home with a huge smile on his face. And you know what that means…happy child, happy mom.

photo (4)

So yes…time flies.  It escapes so fast you barely see it.  But I read recently a quote that says “The bad news is time flies.  The good news is, you are the pilot”.  And they are right.

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