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No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy

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We’ve been waiting for March 23rd to come for the past couple of months now. Why? My husband was about to start a new job.  An amazing position for a great organization.  We were so excited that the time had finally come and he was back at what he loved to do.

I knew it may take a couple of days to get adjusted to our new routine, schedule and lifestyle.  Hubs now had to leave the house at 7am, take a long commute downtown, and know he likely wouldn’t be home before 7pm pretty much every day of the week.

We talked about what the new daily schedule would look like and I was ready.  It won’t be hard getting both kids ready and doing both drop off, go to work and then pick up.  I could handle it.

So we geared up for Monday and off we went.  And we were off to a great start.

If only the rest of the week would go so well…right?  Ya not so much.  For all the things that you don’t want to happen when starting something new, we pretty much had all of them.

1. The dreaded call from daycare – Yup, Tuesday afternoon I got THE call from T’s preschool.  You know, that call that when you see the school’s name on your caller ID and your heart goes into your throat?  Ya, that one.  He had thrown up.  Left work to go get him.

2. A second sick kid – Wednesday afternoon at Z’s school pick up, he comes out bawling his eyes out that his ear was in so much pain.  Brought him home only to have him pass out on the couch and sleep for 1.5 hours.  All the while, yes, T threw up. Again.

3. The Ear Infection – Took both boys to the doctor Thursday.  Z was diagnosed with an ear infection and T had a virus.  The vomiting was due to his awful gag reflex and when he coughed, he threw up.  Did it happen Thursday again.  You betcha.

4. The lack of sleep – With T being sick he takes to our bed.  So one of us is practically up all night with him as he coughs, sneezes and just cannot breathe with his cold.  The other one of us gets to sleep in his bed, which while its a good bed, isn’t ours.  Plus you still hear all the coughing from the room down the hall.

5. Finally Friday – its finally Friday and both kids are well enough to go back to school. Luckily Z is back to his old self and T is pretty much there, give or take the coughing (and potential choke/gag).  But it happens.  3:15pm and T now has a fever.

Could anything else possibly happen this week?  Luckily with the kids, no…they are doing just fine now.  Hubs on the other hand…not so much.  He now is sick. Its a never ending, vicious cycle.

But, we are ready for another week.  I really hope this weeks will be easier, and we all stay healthy!  No one ever said it would be easy did they? 😉

Have you ever had one of those weeks (or days!?)



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