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The Battle: Good vs. Evil #MarvelUniverseLive! #review

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As a mom of two boys I’ve learned that being a superhero is very important in a little boys life.

My kids for instance, love acting and dressing up as Spiderman, the Avengers and every other ‘good guy’ you can think of.

So when we heard that Marvel Universe Live! was coming to Toronto, it was a no brainer. The kids were so excited to go and see all of their favourite superhero’s ‘in real life’! My 2.5 year old couldn’t wait to wear his spiderman mask and my almost 6 year old had all his gear on.


From the moment we walked in there was a Superhero vibe, the stage was set and we were ready to watch!

IMG_8696The moment the lights went out the kids were starstruck.  They couldn’t wait for all of the heroes to come on stage.  Thor was first, then Tony Stark and Peter Parker.  And from there the story untold…and here it is:

Thor had to destroy the cosmic cube which is a power source that can turn good to evil.  Thor’s brother and nemesis Loki ends up finding a piece of the cosmic cube and captures Cyclops and Storm of the XMen in order to regrow it and gain its power. The superheroes all get together and devise a plan on how to stop Loki and the rest of the villains from getting the cosmic cube and destroying the world.1

In order to save the universe, a battle ensues, good vs. evil.  There were fight scenes, flying scenes, stunts on motorcycles, fire, you name it!  The sets were incredible, the sounds were empowering and the special effects were beyond amazing.  I mean, Doc Oc was put on fire!  This show was done so well, kudos to Feld Entertainment for putting on such an extreme event.

There was so much excitement, you can’t take your eyes off the show and the kids were in awe!  Here’s a little preview:

Here’s a short video sneak peak! https%3A//

All the kids could talk about on the ride home and today was the show.  If you missed the tour stay tuned for the next one.  Great for the kids and the parents 😉

To keep up to speed with Marvel Universe Live, check out their website and don’t forget to follow on social media:

Twitter: @marvelontour



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