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Loosening The Reigns



Last summer we decided to take off Z’s training wheels.  He was almost 6 years old and we thought it was time for him to learn to ride.

One of his closest friends was riding his bike without trainers and he wanted to ride alongside him.

I remember the day…it was a beautiful weekend afternoon and we got all geared up to teach Z how to ride a bike.  He was a little reluctant and maybe even a little scared.  But we told him we would be right beside him holding the back and he had nothing to worry about.

We tried and tried, but he just wasn’t getting it.  When he wanted to stop we did.  And when he wanted to try again we let him.  This happened over the course of a few weekends last summer.  But unfortunately before we knew it, summer was coming to an end and he never learned how to ride his bike.

They say kids do things when they are ready.  Just like learning to walk, speak, tie their shoelaces…when they are ready they are ready.  And not before.

So a couple of weeks ago when the weather became nice outside, Z said he wanted to ride his bike.  We got geared up and out we went.

We practiced together with me holding the bars, holding the back, but he wasn’t getting it. So this time, I let go.  I gave him the reigns and said go for it.  Practice and see what happens.


And for a half an hour, he did not give up.  He started and stopped.  He fell and he got back up. He tried and tried until he got it.

The first time it clicked he could only go for a few strokes.  But he didn’t give up. He didn’t get frustrated.  He didn’t make a peep.  He just kept trying.

And then, HE GOT IT!!  He kept going and going and going and made it to the end of the street!  I was so proud and so excited!!  And every day since when he has the opportunity to go outside to play, he rides.  And now he’s got it down.  We even need to tell him to go slower!

I was completely shocked and amazed that he taught himself how to ride a bike.  The way he handled it all was so impressive.  And to see him so happy was priceless.

Not only that, but his brother who is 3.5, was so excited for him that he wanted in on the action.  He said no more tricycle, I want my bike!  So he hopped on, asked for a little push and he did it too! Both my kids were ecstatic!


It really made my day.  One of my proudest parenting moments ever!

All I can say is never give up!  Give your kids the freedom to try things on their own. Because you never know, they just might surprise you with what they are capable of.

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