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Feel Good About Feeding Your Baby #Review #Canada

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Becoming a mom for the first (or second time) can be hard. You have almost no idea what you are doing, yet the motherhood instincts kick in and you take charge.

Over time, things get a little easier and before you know it, there’s more to learn and new phases to figure out.

One of those phases is when your baby is old enough to start solids. I remember when Z and T were babies, trying different foods and purees was fun. And as they got older and could try things with more substance, it got a little trickier.

I don’t know about you but I always wanted to ensure I was feeding my babies the right foods; healthy foods that would be good for them. And I’m sure there are many other moms out there who feel the same about what to feed their babies.

That’s why when Felicetti Pasta Company (the world’s largest producer of 100% organic pasta) reached out to see if I wanted to try their brand new line of organic, ancient grain *pastina”, tiny pasta for babies in Canada, I said yes. Though my kids were too old to enjoy this product, I put my niece to the test as my guest reviewer!

First a little about the product. The baby Pasta comes in two shapes: tiny stars (stelline) and mini tubes (coralline) in two types of grain: organic ancient emmer wheat and
organic ancient durum wheat. Each is enriched with Vitamin B1, to ensure
healthy bones and growth. Non-GMO, rich in protein and fibre, with a
naturally nutty flavour.

Felicetti baby pasta

The pasta for Baby is small sized, easy-to-swallow, and perfect for babies
over 6 months of age. Their pasta is different from all the others on the
grocery shelf as it’s the only 100% organic ancient grain pastina for
babies. The company’s traditional Italian ancient grain pasta, with its pure
flavour, is an ideal introduction for baby to solid food and new tastes.

Not only that, but it is super easy to make; all we added was a little cheese for extra flavour. It was quick to boil and the small pieces made it easy for her to get it all on a spoon.  And she LOVED it!  How do we know?  She had THREE bowls!!

The full line of Felicetti pasta is available in Canada at such fine
gourmet shops including:

– Wholefoods, Pusateri’s, Mac Ewan’s, Sweet Potatoe in Ontario
– Urban fare, Choices, Green Market in Vancouver
– Avril and Tau in Quebec

You can also follow Felicetti on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Will you try this product?  If you do, please share your thoughts and pictures of your little one enjoying it!



*Disclosure:  I received product in exchange for this post.  All views and opinions are my own…

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