A Little Halloween Inspiration #Netflix #StreamTeam – Me, Myself and Kids

A Little Halloween Inspiration #Netflix #StreamTeam

A Day in the Life

If you asked me if I’m a DIY’er, I’d quickly say no. Sometimes it surprises me that I don’t have that extra ‘creative gene’ since my mom does.

I remember as a kid my mom would always be creating something. I guess that’s why she’s the designer and I’m not  😉

When I was growing up, our family loved Halloween. No, it wasn’t just because of the candy (though that is one of my fav parts). But it was a time where we would all come together, have fun picking costumes, and make a full family day of it.

There were multiple Halloween nights that my sister and I wore DIY costumes. I remember one year being a crayon. One year I was a bottle of ketchup. My mom was so creative when it came to this stuff. She would buy and cut out bristol boards and design them, she would dye mops to make us wigs, and even took clothing off of our life sized dolls to make us the perfect costumes.

My sis and I as Raggedy Ann and Andy

It takes me a little time to get inspired by things. And on Halloween it is no different. My husband and I try to get creative for our adult halloween parties. Last year we went as Facebook and Twitter (we can’t help it, we are addicts).


But when it comes to the kids, for whatever reason, I’m not creative and we end up buying them costumes from the store.

Our friends at Netflix were inspired this year and have compiled a list of Netflix series inspired costumes. So if you still haven’t figured out what to make for your kids, perhaps some of these will be of interest:





Halloween may only be one day of the year, but with the ultimate guide to streams and screams, there’s enough spooky titles and inspiration to get you in the Halloween spirit all month long.


So tell me, what will you and your kids be this year for Halloween?



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