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Two Lunches and A Picky Eater

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We are only one month into the school year and I’m already done with making lunches. I’ve never really loved this morning “chore” and only 4 weeks in, I’m over it.

This is the first year I’ve had to make not one but two lunches now that T is in JK. The good thing is that he’s pretty easy. He will eat anything. But Z on the other hand, has recently decided that besides whole wheat bread (only with butter), or croissants, he’s not into bread anymore. No bagels, no rye bread, no sandwiches, nada. Seriously.

I swore to myself before school started (and before Z went on his newly found modified Atkins diet) I would make the kids the same lunches everyday. What goes in one lunch box would go in the other.  Easy peasy right? Tell me, do these look the same to you?


That’s right, NO.

What I used to call a picky eater has turned into a meal making nightmare. Z has officially made his eating rules:

  • baby carrots, brocolli or celery as his veggies. No cucumbers allowed. Peppers? Ya right.
  • Banana is the fruit of choice. Strawberries, blueberries, pears and apples? Let’s cut out those too
  • Pasta, chicken fingers, plain bread or mini croissants.  Oh, and Pizza. Don’t forget the pizza (thank god for pizza Thursdays)
  • Mac and Cheese, Mac and Cheese, Mac and Cheese…and Wacky Mac of course
  • No yogurt drinks, applesauce pouches or cheese strings. God forbid.
  • And only the brown or green Made Good bars…no more yellow packages


If I stick something in there that isn’t on his “preferred food list”, it comes home. Though I have made a rule that any fruit or veggie that comes home untouched must be eaten before or at dinner otherwise no snacks! That seems to work and thankfully he is still getting some healthy food in there by doing that.

And T? Well he comes home with his lunch box completely empty. Yes!

I’m hoping Z will get over this picky stage so that lunch making gets a little easier for me. Because not only are mornings difficult as is, but racking my brain on what to give for lunch is just a headache.

And oh, I just remembered, now T will be going to camp this summer too. So its 2 lunches all year round. YIPEE.



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