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Kids DIY Menorah

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Hanukkah is just around the corner and families alike are getting ready for the Festival of Lights. Z goes to hebrew school once a week and they were given a class project to make their own menorah. I thought it was a great and fun idea, and was excited to get working on it with him.

We weren’t sure exactly what we were going to do. We came up with a few ideas of items we could use to make our menorah, but we weren’t exactly sure. Lego’s, popsicle sticks, little cups…nothing really stood out to us.

So off I went to the Dollar Store to see what I could gather. And after perusing the store (for too long), I came up with an idea that I knew would be easy enough for him to do on his own, and one that wouldn’t take up too much time to do either!

I bought a white rectangular canvas board, some molding clay (in his fav colour), some beads for decorations, and of course, some candles.

Z was so excited when he came home from school and wanted to do it right away. It became our Friday night activity. It really was the most simple thing to do. So if you are looking for a fun and easy craft for your kids, consider this! Easy peasy!

Here is what we did and how we made it:

1. Cut out squares of molding clay to act as the candle holders, line them up and make sure your middle square is taller than the rest for the Shamash. Glue them into place and let dry.







2. Decorate your canvas with your beads

3. Take a screw (or anything that will make a hole in the clay), and push it in the clay square so that your candle will fit 






4. Repeat for all 8 squares, and place your candles inside









5. Decorate your canvas more if you want to!






And that’s it!  Like I said, so easy!

Z is really excited not only that he got to make his own menorah for Hanukkah but that he can show his friends at school. I can’t wait to see what the other kids did!

Whether it be for Hanukkah or Christmas, do you have any DIY crafts you like doing with your kids? Please share!



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