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One Year Later…Here We Are

A Day in the Life

It’s that time. The one year mark. I still can’t believe it has been a one year. But one year later…here we are. One year after your life was forever changed. A year after mine and your kids lives were forever changed.

It is hard to think about to be honest. Not that I don’t think about it ALL OF THE TIME because I do. Especially lately. I guess knowing that May 28th was around the corner didn’t help. I guess watching you leave to go out for a bike in the mornings doesn’t help. And like the other night when I took Z to his hockey fitting, remembering that we didn’t go last year because we got ‘the call’ instead.

I remember every detail of that morning, that entire day. I can honestly say it was one of the worst days of my life.

But here we are. One year later. One year after the brutal accident that will always be forged into our memories.

I will never get over it it. I will never stop thinking about it. I will never stop worrying about you. (just an FYI 😉 )

You have come a long way. Though I’m always worrying while you are out, I’ve come a long way too. Ya, I get nervous, anxious…but I deal with it best I can. And do my best not to show my emotions too much in front of the kids. They don’t worry, so I don’t want them to know I am.

Look at how far you’ve come. You beat the odds. You healed better than your docs thought you would (and we know how much praise the plastic surgeon gave herself!) You recovered. Yes, it took a long time and way more time than I know you wanted it to, but you did. I know that sitting around and taking it easy isn’t your thing. I know you think you aren’t where you should be in your strength and exercise routine. I know that training for next months race is so important to you. And you will do it. Because you ARE strong. No matter what time you do it in, no matter how much it hurts, you will finish, because YOU never start anything you can’t finish.

one year later


It has been one year. And yes, things have changed. But one thing hasn’t. And that is your perseverance. Your love for the sport. You enthusiasm for all things running, biking and swimming.

I am proud of you. Just wanted you to know.

This is your last one right?!



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