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Clean House? They Come. You Relax

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With two kids living under my roof, it can be very hard to keep the house neat and tidy. In fact, it is not very often you will find my house completely clean. It feels like as soon as we do clean up after ourselves (and of course the kids), it just gets dirty again.

Doesn’t it feel that your table tops or counters get dusty even though you just finished dusting it?

I don’t know about your house, but with mine, it really feels impossible to keep clean.

So while I will pick up after my kids each and every day, wipe each and every countertop down after using it, or sweep/vacuum almost daily and after each meal, I really do need a deep professional clean every few weeks. I just don’t have the time or patience to do it all.

When I found out about Canadian Home Cleaners I knew I had to learn more. Their services are all at the tip of your fingers…everything is done online. And they offer a variety of cleaning options and customizable services.

I didn’t know what to expect…

The staff came with their own supplies for the most part, I gave a little tour and more information on what I wanted out of the clean, and off they went. And I was completely satisfied with the outcome.

The house was so clean it really felt like it was shining! Even the kids were in awe. They couldn’t get over how neat their rooms looked! It was really funny to hear them gasp at their perfectly made beds and perfectly folded blankets!

Here is a little sneak at how neat it was!

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It is so easy to book your appointment. Just a few steps and you are on your way:

  1. Choose your service type
  2. Give information about the size of your home
  3. Add in any add-ons (i.e. laundry, inside oven, etc)
  4. Choose a one time or recurring service (you get discounts the more you order!)
  5. Choose your desired date for the cleaning
  6. Personal info
  7. Address
  8. Any other details
  9. Payment

THAT’S IT!! They do the rest of the work and send you exactly what you need.

Now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “why should I hire a cleaning service”? “Is it more expensive?”

Well, you should hire their service because you will get the clean you want! As for the pricing, they are priced just right…right in the middle of what you would  pay if you hired an individual, but less expensive than other cleaning service companies. They pride themselves on their service. Plus, there are no surprises or hidden costs. Everything is laid out for you as you fill in your online booking so you know you are getting everything you signed up for.

So to help you decide if this is the way to go, our friends at Canadian House Cleaners would love for you to try them out at a discounted rate! Just use the code MMK15 for 15% OFF your first order!

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

So go ahead and book, and then come back here afterwards and let me know how your cleaning went!!

Cheers to clean homes everywhere!



Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Canadian Home Cleaners. I was provided a free home service in exchange of this post. As always, opinions are my own…

**MMK15 discount code only works once per customer

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