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I’m Becoming My Parents

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Growing up there were things that my parents said or did that I swore I would never say or do when I became a parent. As a kid I didn’t always understood when my parents put certain limits on things or made certain rules.

I am sure we all have had those moments growing up. But now that I am a parent, I am noticing more and more the things I am doing that are exactly like my parents.

You feel me? You know what I’m talking about?

Check out a couple examples of what I am referring to and why I think I’m slowly becoming my parents!

The Radio 

Didn’t you always find yourself asking your parents to turn up the radio while riding in the car? Why did they find it so loud? Why was my music so annoying to listen to? And why were we stuck listening to the oldies?

Well now that I’m a parent here is what I have to say.

I get it.

There are only certain stations I can listen to and I can’t listen to the hard beats anymore! Plus, and maybe it’s because I’m now in the driver’s seat right next to the speakers, but I don’t like it loud! Why do we need to scream at each other? And my 80’s or 90’s music is great, no? For my kids, that’s my oldies. So mom and dad, I get this one.

Sitting too close to the TV

How many times did your parents tell you to move back from the TV? I don’t know what it was, but I liked sitting right in front of it. But over and over my parents would tell me I’m sitting too close to the TV and they would make me move and sit on the couch. The excuse was I’d ruin my eyes. Yah right. I’ve got 20/20!

Well, fast forward and what am I telling my kids? Don’t sit there. You’re too close. Sit on the couch. WHY?!!

The Cup Is Half Full

When I was younger and I would ask my parents for a drink, they would always just fill it about a quarter full. I never understood that. I want a cup, give me a cup. So when I asked why they only give a little, the answer always was “if you finish that, I’ll happily give you more”. Weird right? Wrong.


I’ve learned from experience that you never fill the cup up! So much gets wasted or spilled! My kids rarely finish what I give them so it either gets tossed in the sink or put back in the fridge to sit there for an unknown period of time. Or, those times that it ends up accidentally spilled on the table and floor because its too full.

So I get this one too. Give some, and if finished, give some more. Not so hard. What I didn’t understand then, I understand now.

Because I Said So

Didn’t you just HATE this one? Everything was “because I said so…”

My parents made the rules so what they say goes. But I never liked hearing it and swore I would never say it.


Well, ya…I say it. ALOT. It seems my kids favourite word is “why”. And when I don’t have a better answer, I say those four little words. So yes, another “mom-ism” that I swore I wouldn’t say, but do.

There are more. And likely as my kids get older there will continue to be more.

Even though I swore to myself growing up that I wouldn’t do some of the things my parents do, it is OKAY. I understand now why they happen. And really, I couldn’t be prouder to be like my parents.

Do you find yourself becoming your parents? What are some you can add to the list?




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