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Sleep and my little big men

A Day in the Life

It sometimes is crazy to think just how big my little men are getting. Every night when I’m putting them to sleep, I look into their eyes and examine their faces and can’t help but think of what they were like going to sleep as babies.


I remember a day when I was out at a bris with Z at 3 months old and he couldn’t fall asleep.

If we were at home it would have been easy. I would rock him to sleep in his chair, but that time I didn’t have it.

I was with a group of friends who were already moms and listened to some advice to help him get to sleep; massage the head, gently stroke the forehead and eyebrows…it would make his eyes feel heavy and help make him fall asleep.

And guess what? It worked. So I continued to use that method every day since then.

And now, 9 years later, when I lye down with him at bedtime, I still do that. And it still helps him fall asleep almost instantly.

Same goes for my little one. But his way is different.


T would always fall asleep on my shoulder, whether it be after a feed or not. I would gently rub circles on his back and that’s what worked for him.

And still to this day, when I lye down with him to put him to bed, circles on his back is what works.

Isn’t it funny that after all of these years, my babies, who aren’t babies anymore, are still put to bed the same way as when they were little?

It warms my heart knowing that something so small can last so long.


I can still see their little baby faces when I look at them. And I can’t believe how fast time flies and how grown up they are.

When our children are babies, we want them to grow so we can be first to witness all of their milestones.

But when they grow, all we want is for them to be babies again! But we will always have these memories and the key to their hearts that only we hold.

What did you do as a parent for your kids that they still love and want?





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