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One of My Fav Arm Workouts

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Last week was absolutely beautiful in Toronto and I was LOVING the weather! Sunshine just makes everything better ?

Another workout outside this morning (I think it’s turning into a thing).
Needed a legs rest day so focused completely on arms which happen to be my fav part to work.

I decided not to use an online workout and decided to create my own.

I made up a workout of 6 exercises. Each one is done for 1 minute, every minute on the minute, and you complete 3 sets with a 30 second rest between sets (not exercises!)

It works out to an amazing 21 min arm burn ??

All you need is dumbbells; I used 5 lbs (so 10 lbs total when using both at the same time). You can go heavier if you want, but trust me, you’ll feel it even if you go lighter.

Ready for it? Here you go:

?Front Dumbbell Raise (one arm at a time 1 minute each)
?Tricep Overhead
?Squat to Press
?Bent Over Low Row
?Hammer Curls
?Overhead Military Press

My arms were burning in the second round! 

I loved this one and will definitely have it on repeat.

Do this a few times a week and there’s no doubt you’ll see a difference in your arms.

If you like adding bands to your workouts, you can remove the weights and use bands for a few of these too. Check out this amazing Work It Out bundle that includes a full set!

Do you like working arms or legs better?



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