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What Challenges You?

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If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

I first heard this from one of my coaches at Orangetheory, and since the first day she said it, it has stuck with me.

People ask me what I do when I workout and how I’ve maintained my weight.
The biggest thing for me, besides eating healthier throughout the day, is having a plan, challenging my body, and forcing myself out of my comfort zone.

It isn’t just about cardio. It isn’t about only burning calories. It’s using a combination of cardio and strength training, along with nutrition that I’ve seen the most gain.

It isn’t about length. You don’t have to be running or spinning for hours to get the results. You can have shorter intense workouts to get the results too.

Start doing challenges! Last month I took part in a core challenge. This month I’m doing a strength challenge and a squat challenge. I’m giving myself different fitness variations and changing things up. If you do the same thing day in and day out, you can’t expect to see changes.

Once you find balance, challenge yourself, and leave your workout feeling incredible and accomplished, you’ll get to the next level of your fitness in no time.

What are some ways you challenge yourself or make your workouts more effective?

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