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Young Love…Or Is It?

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I still remember my first crush on a boy. I remember his name, what he looked like and where we were when we met. It was primary school and every day we would play together at recess. It was either grade one or grade two. I remember that because we moved away after that school year and I started grade three in a new school.

Ahh, young love.  Or what I thought was love.  Isn’t it strange that I remember everything so clearly yet I can’t even remember today what I did yesterday!?

I wonder if my kids will remember their first crush when they are older.  I mean, Z is almost getting to the age where he just might start thinking about girls. He is in grade one and could be…am I wrong?

Our house backs on to the school where Z attends and I have the advantage of being able to see the kids when they are outside for recess. At the beginning of the year it was fun for me. I would go to the window and Z would come find me and we would wave to each other. Then after a little while he was too busy playing to come wave at me so I stopped going to the window. (Okay, sometimes I peek…but only sometimes…)

The other day I remember seeing Z playing with a group of kids. A mix of boys and girls. The next thing I knew Z went and hugged one of the girls in the group. It was adorable! I had never seen him do that before. I mean it takes a village sometimes just to get him to hug me or a member of our family. But he hugged this little girl, and she didn’t mind. Can you say CUTE?!

Last year I remember another mom came up to me and told me that her daughter had told her that she and Z chase each other sometimes. And that she thinks he’s cute. Was he chasing her around because that was his way of flirting?!  I cannot even believe I am using that word to talk about my almost 7 year old!

I guess if I can remember when I was 7 or 8 years old and the feelings that I had, maybe he too is starting to feel emotions like that. It’s a feat in itself to get Z to open up about his feelings; we need to pull things out of him when he’s sad or mad about something. He just doesn’t know how to express himself yet I guess. And I think that is totally normal for a kid his age.

So what will happen now if he is feeling emotions for girls? Does he get what he is feeling? What does he even feel? Do we even broach the subject to him since he is so young?

I guess time will tell and seems it will be sooner rather than later that I or his dad talk to him about all of these different things.

What do you think?



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