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Travel Made Easy With Netflix

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Over the last few years my family travel plans have consisted of roadtrips. I don’t remember the last time we were on a plane. We have driven to Florida, Montreal, Ottawa and most recently St. Louis.

It can be hard to plan for such long excursions with an 8 and 5 year old in tow.

I wrote last year about getting ready for a long road trip…what to pack in terms of games, toys, music and food. But what I have also learned in these travels, is that you can never watch enough Netflix 😉

Between delayed flights, lost luggage, public tantrums and that one thing you forgot to pack, travelling with your family can get complicated, fast.

In fact, 1 in 5 Canadian parents say one of their main concerns when travelling is keeping their kids entertained.

With the holidays just around the corner, parents can look to offline viewing on Netflix to keep everything, and everyone, under control while on the go.

Netflix downloads are a must-have travel essential for parents and their kids.

So when it’s time to go on a trip together, one thing is for sure: when Netflix at home becomes Netflix on the go, everyone stays content, engaged and, most importantly, NOT bored.

How does Netflix keep your family sane and entertained while on the go?


Netflix Packing Essentials


No matter if it’s for your littlest one, pre-teen or anyone in between, there are Netflix shows for everyone in the family to pack in their carry-on.

And it’s not just Netflix originals, check out the ‘Available for Download’ menu on the Netflix app on your mobile or tablet device.

Browse all of the titles available to take with you whenever and wherever you want.

Trust me, it’s a lifesaver!!

Vacation Travel Time

The official Netflix Family downloads jingle is taking a page from the infamous melody of the Orange is the New Black theme song.

While vacationing may be easy, getting there is hard, and being trapped in the car on a family road trip can feel like being in Litchfield.

This must watch, cute and relatable parody will have you humming along for the whole ride.


Get Featured on the Netflix Family Facebook Page


The newly launched Netflix Family Facebook page is now home to all of the latest show and movie updates for your family on Facebook.

This month, we want to hear all about your family’s travel nightmares (or miracles) that you’ve experienced.

Share your stories, photos or quotes for a chance to be featured on the Netflix Family Facebook page and in the Stream Team app!

So if you are planning to travel this holiday season, what will you be downloading?



Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. I receive perks in the form of product in exchange for monthly posts. As always, opinions are my own…

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