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Would you like an arm or a leg with that?

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Planning ahead is a trait all moms have.  Things have to get done.  Planned.  Organized.  Especially when you have more than one child.  You have to keep track of the programs, the play dates and school activities, not to mention your own schedule and that of your significant other.

I’m picturing the extra large calendar that my sister has where she writes everything down to keep her family’s sanity in check and I’m thinking to myself that soon, I will need one of those too.

The other day I was thinking about how my eldest son is going to be starting JK in September.  And the thoughts that went through my head were endless…two different schools with different start and end times.   How will I make it to work if school on Tuesday and Thursday doesn’t start until 9am?  Do we need to pay for a before school program?  Who will pick him up at 3:15pm when school closes?  Do we need to be paying for an after school program too?

And the hits kept coming…I’m going to have to make lunches every day!  Who’s taking Z to school?  Who’s dropping the youngest off at daycare?  Should I work from home a couple days a week?

Our perfect little morning and afternoon schedule that we have going now since starting mat leave is going to change!  Nobody likes change!!

Then to make life even easier (note the sarcasm), more came to mind….next summer we will need to send Z to summer camp.  Will the bus pick him up from our house or do we have to drive him somewhere?  Where will we even send him?  I’ll have to wait to see where his friends will go, which means I’ll be less organized while I wait for my mom friends to make up their minds as well.  That won’t be fun…time is money, people!!!

Which brings me to the next big kick in the ass, the costs:

Daycare for the youngest…cha-ching!

Part time JK at an education centre because our zoned public school isn’t full time until 2014 (lucky me–thanks again, MOE)…cha-ching!

Summer camp 2014…cha-ching!

Programs on the weekends for BOTH kids (which of course will be completely different times of the day because why make life easy for parents?)  Oh ya, cha-ching!

Here I was worried about the costs of University tuition!

I still have 6 more months of maternity leave to figure it all out.  I see many other families do it with two working parents, so surely I can too.

I still have to feed my kids right?

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