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9 reasons on your 9th birthday

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I know you know how proud I am of you. And while there are hundreds and hundreds of reasons why I love you, I wanted to share a few today. After all, it is your 9th birthday.

First of all, I can’t believe you are nine! You are growing up so fast. One more year and double digits! Man, that’s crazy! But one thing at a time…

So though I want to tell you how happy you make me all of the time, today, on your birthday, I want to tell you 9 reasons why you make me so proud.

1. You put your heart into everything you do or try

2. You have a huge heart and show love in your own way

3. You are so smart; you think so logically and literally

4. You are strong; you face challenges head on

5. You are a great friend and stick by them no matter what

6. You are an amazing big brother

7. While you still need me for many things, you are independant and try to do things on your own

8. You bring joy to everyone around you

9. You make everyone light up when they see you

There are so many more reasons and I could go on and on.

I hope you know how much you are loved and that we would move heaven and earth for you.

Always stay true to yourself my love.

We all love you so much. Happy 9th birthday.


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  • kathy downey September 8, 2018

    Happy 9th birthday.

    • Debbie Akerman-Davidov September 8, 2018

      Thank you Kathy!!

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