It’s October…you know what that means… – Me, Myself and Kids

It’s October…you know what that means…

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It’s October! This month brings so many things; leaves start to fall from the trees, chillier weather and comfy clothing, birthday celebrations for one of my kids, and of course, Halloween!

While the kids love celebrating Halloween, it has become a much more fun time of year for us adults. Every year one of of my best friends hosts a huge Halloween party. It is a must to be in costume. Everyone dresses up, and let me tell you, there are some great ones. In fact, I think every year people try to outdo someone from the year before because there is a prize for the top costume of the night!

I’m telling you, it’s a whole production…but we love it!!

However, because it is a house party with lots of people, I do want something that is easy, comfortable and something I won’t get too hot in!

So of course, every October I need to get started thinking about what I/we can dress up for just for the party. Forget halloween night, we need the best costumes just for the party.

I check out a number of places; the pop up Halloween stores like Spirit Halloween, and of course Value Village.

But I also love getting ideas from Amazon. So early October, as it is now, I head on over to and check out the goods.

There are some great ideas this year, and of course old favorites too. So I thought I’d share some of the ones I love.

Here are my top 3 for women, men and kids!



     Wonder Woman                                                          Minion                                                                          Wilma


october       Robin                                                                            Star Trek                                                  Where’s Waldo



  PJ Masks Cat Boy                                             Harry Potter (Unisex)                                                    Mask and Capes 

All those choices are easy to find, easy to wear and won’t break the bank!

Have you decided what to be for Halloween yet? What about your kids? Tell me, what’s on your list this year?



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