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Laundry Service for the win

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Ever scroll through your Facebook feed and see friends share polls asking “what service would you rather”? Like a laundry service, a cleaning service, or even a meal prep service?

As hard as it is to choose being a busy, working mom of two, I think laundry might be my go to.

Here are the facts; I’ve got two kids under 10 who change more than I’d like, toss even their clean clothes in their laundry basket, and both of whom play sports. I’ve got a triathlete husband who sweats through gym clothes on a daily basis. And then of course there’s all of my stuff.

Add all of that up and it works out to at least five to six loads of laundry a week.

We spend our weekends doing the loads for the most part, and it literally takes up the entire weekend. And that’s just the washing and the drying. That doesn’t take into account all of the folding. Which more often that not takes me until the Wednesday to get it all done!

It’s quite time consuming and tedious. Wouldn’t you agree? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a service that helped us out with it?

The answer to that question is YES! And the answer is BinDrop.


The service is super easy to use and it is tailored around your schedule. Do it when you want, how you want!

It is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1.Register online and select your delivery day (you can get it within 24 hours!)



2. Receive your bin and fill it up with anything you want washed (as long as it fits in the bin, you’re good to go)



3. Leave it outside for your scheduled pick up


AND THAT’S IT! Plus your clothing bin(s) can be sent back within 48 hours if needed! Super simple. Check it out how it works.

When my clothing bin was sent back, I was astonished. Not only by the service or the turnaround time, but how clean and perfectly folded everything was!










I swear, we didn’t want to touch it and ruin it! LOL

Okay, are you probably wondering “why would I pay for a service when I can do it myself?”

Totally understand. But here’s why; the service is here to help you to save you time and money.


It can reduce your utility bills. You don’t need to pay for detergent. You get a couple of hours to yourself instead of the laundry room! Do you know how good it felt to have less laundry to do this week? HUGE time saver!!

Bindrop wants to change the way people do laundry. So why not #fillthebintotherim and give it a try? Go for it! What do you have to lose?

Our friends at Bindrop would like you to try their service. All you have to do is enter the code “MMK50” and you can get 50% off your first week/order!

Trust me, you’ll want to take advantage of this and see for yourselves!

So, who still wants to do their own laundry??



Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Bindrop. In exchange for this post, I received perks in the form of compensation and use of the service. As always, opinions are my own…


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