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Break From the Blog; Where I Am Now

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Have you ever felt like you were in a rut? Like you were trying so hard at things, but nothing was happening? Well, if you’ve answered yes, then you’ll know exactly how I was feeling back in spring. And also the reason why I took a break from the whole blogging thing.

Yes, I kept active on my social media platforms, but even that is getting harder and harder with these stupid algorithms. Not to mention, I wasn’t even being looked at by companies I would die to work for because I don’t have over 10K followers on Instagram. Really? So much for trying to be authentic vs. post every random shot I could think of taking. But I digress…

It wasn’t about me anymore. It wasn’t about how authentic I could be, or what relationship could be built.  It was all about the numbers. So with that, I became extremely frustrated and needed a break.

So here we are now. 6 months later. SIX MONTHS since my last post. I am still working with certain brands on promotions and sponsored content. But only a select few. I have taken on a new job and am expanding my career in digital marketing for a restaurant company full time. But I wasn’t stopping there.

Being a work at home mom can be tough. Working full time, being the chauffeur, the cook, etc. It’s not often we get a break as a mom.

But, with two kids, I want to be able to provide as much as I can for them. The camp they want to go to = $. The hockey season (times two!) = $. The trips we want to be able to take = $. EVERYTHING costs money!

I decided (because things aren’t busy enough 😉 ), that next to my full time job, I was also going to join forces with some people that inspire me, and start a network/social media marketing side hustle with Arbonne.

Now before you all go, “oh god, give me a break”, please stick with me and hear me out. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll understand why I’m doing it and even what I wish you would understand if I approach you to look at this new business…


No, it is NOT a pyramid scheme. But I get why you would think so. That may have been the case for other companies 30-40 years ago, but not this one. In this business I am in with Arbonne, we aren’t paid to recruit people. We are only paid when product moves. Everyone starts out on the exact same level and  what you make of yourself, is how you grow. Oh, kind of like that corporate environment you are in, no?? 😉

Regardless, network marketing is coming faster and more furious than ever. With so much being digital now and the millenials constantly on social media, this is the way it is now. Its getting bigger, and its getting better.

No matter what your opinion is of an MLM business, please understand why we are doing what we are doing. And keep in mind how we feel when we are asking you to hear us out. If you don’t know, here it is in a nutshell…

1. It’s friggin scary

It’s terrifying. It takes me completely out of my comfort zone. Imagine trying to ask people you know, acquaintances and complete strangers to look at a business model? Our ideal hope is that friends and family will support us, love our products as much as we do. Some do, and some don’t, but we always need more clients to grow.

It is beyond our control how some people will react to the ask. We get ignored, we get a heck of a lot of no’s, and some are the unicorns who see the opportunity and take chances like I did.

But the fear of being judged as to what I am doing is always there.

2. Ask, ask, ask

Pretty quickly you’ll run out of people to ask that are in your network or community. So you really need to think outside of the box. You connect with people, you talk to people, you try to understand how this could fit into their lives so that you can explain to them why it would without them even realizing it. You book phone calls and video chats and coffee dates because you don’t fully understand it unless you see it first hand. Just like blogging or and how I aim to appear on Instagram per se; I am trying to be authentic and personal.

Now even if I need to ask 50 people a day, you are still special to me. I wouldn’t ask you unless I thought it was something that would fit in your lifestyle. Why do you listen to Jennifer Aniston when she tells you to buy Aveeno? Because she’s a celebrity? All I’m doing, is asking you to look at my product. A redirect of your spend, if you will, on products you are using ANYWAYS. That simple. I’m not doing it bug you, I’m just trying to share the simplicity of it all. And if you love it, you can share it. That is all.

3. Your vibe attracts your tribe

If I’m asking you, like I just mentioned, it is because I see something in you. I only want to work with people I LIKE!! No one just goes to ask any Tom, Dick or Harry. We ask those that we feel some sort of connection to. That we believe in. That we WANT to work with or have as clients. And it works out to be a fantastic way to meet new people and HAVE FUN doing it! Who wouldn’t want to earn weekend getaways and trips to exotic places? Let alone a white mercedes benz!!

It is okay to say no. Shit I hear it ALL OF THE TIME. But, it would just be great if you joined me! That’s all my ask is for. To compliment you because I see a fit because like they say, your vibe attracts your tribe.

I get this business isn’t for everyone. But I had no idea about it until I did my research. Until I saw living proof. And until I fell in love with products. That’s right, I was a buyer first. And liked it so much, that I joined in. Because WHY NOT? Uhm 40% off products that I use on a daily basis?! SIGN ME UP! There is absolutely no risk.

This business model and the age of social media are here now. You do it right, and you can grow and earn like you can’t even imagine. It is all up to you. But it is real. I’ve seen it first hand. I have seen people do this on the side and end up earning more than they do in their corporate jobs. I’ve seen people work this and a full time job just because. And some people do it just to get the huge discount on shopping their own online store 🙂

It works if you want it to. And like my decision, it can help your family too.

More options, more choice. For me and for my family. And I get to show my kids that hard work pays off. They will look back and realize how hard we worked to make the best life for them. And the fact that I can be home doing it, or sitting on a beach doing it, or getting my nails done doing it, is a WIN WIN!!

So there it is in a nutshell. Where I’ve been the last 6 months and what I’ve been up to. Why I haven’t written on this blog in 6 months. But, I’d like to change that going forward. I now want to continue to use this space as an outlet to share my life…still. Just like I used to. But instead of being all about parenting, its now literally, my life. Me, Myself and Kids.

I hope you continue to stick around.



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