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Just because I’m a Mom doesn’t mean its about me…

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It’s almost that time of year again.   Mothers Day is around the corner which means it’s time to organize the families schedule to make sure everyone gets to see each other.  Every year it’s the stress about making time to see my family, to see my husband’s family, and ensuring there are no conflicts with siblings on either side to make sure they get to see their mothers/mother-in-laws too.  Trust me when I say that is no easy feat.

Every year  it seems to be all about my mom and mother in law and in all honesty,  seems that it’s never about ME.  I’m a mom too!!!  Did you forget?  You know, that full-time job I have?!

I remember last year I hosted my family for lunch at my house.   Not only did I feel that I wasn’t being celebrated, but I had to do all the work!  And the evening consisted of dinner with the in-laws, so again, not about me.

However, as we approach Mothers Day 2013, I have a totally different outlook.  And honestly I should have had thought this the last 2 years instead of just this one.

It doesn’t matter that it’s not about me.  My husband and my kids make every day wonderful (well, most days).   It is about my mom and just the fact that she is with us.

Two and a half years ago my life changed dramatically when my mother was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer.  It has been a roller coaster ride to say the least.

Since her diagnosis, she has had 5 surgeries including removing the primary source as well as tumours that had spread.  We have had many ups and downs and every 4 months she has to be monitored.  Each time we silently pray that there is nothing new to report.

We have been one of the “lucky” ones when we consider where we were at the time of diagnosis to now,  and she is officially, (once again), cancer free.

Unfortunately, I was just given another sad piece of news; my grandmother has been diagnosed with cancer.  I can’t even imagine my father’s thoughts as he takes this all in; his wife AND his mother.

This is what brings me to write this post.  We can never take anything for granted.  We can’t and shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.  Like whether we get spoiled or recognized on Mother’s Day.  There are way bigger things out there that actually matter.  Like our moms.  We need to celebrate them and the life they’ve given us.

So on this Mothers Day, it is not going to be about me.  It is going to be about my mom, my dad’s mom and all of the other mothers out there.  The moms who will do anything for their kids.  The moms who bend over backwards for their family.  The moms who continue to fight battles they shouldn’t.  And to the moms who left a legacy.  This year, let’s celebrate who truly matters because it’s not always about “me”.

Happy (early) Mothers Day to all the moms out there! xo

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