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Say What Now??!!


We all know the saying “Kids Say The Darndest Things”.  I could go on for hours and hours with lines that my 3.5 year old comes up with.  They are quite humorous and very, very cute.

But then there are the lines by us parents.  Things you never thought you would say before becoming a parent.

Here are the top ten things I never thought I’d say before I had kids of my own:

  1. That was a really good burp!
  2. Stop touching your penis! (Okay, moms with boys, you can’t deny this one!)
  3. Is it a big poo or a little poo?  Should we go make a plop?
  4. Stop licking the water off of the bathtub! (really little man?)
  5. Come here and let me smell (I know, this is the best one 🙁 )
  6. No, girls don’t have penises (fun explaining this one!)
  7. No, you can’t really fly, please don’t try! (not everything on TV is real you know)
  8. Wanna tickle mommies arm? (hey, if my hubby won’t, I’ve got to get it somewhere!  He’s actually quite good!)
  9. No, baby only can drink from those…(you know what I’m referring too!!)
  10. Private parts are private! (Thanks Amy)

What are some things that you have heard yourself saying that you never thought you’d say before kids?

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