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It Really Was My Day!



I can honestly say that I think this was the best Mother’s Day I’ve ever had.  Okay so it was only my 4th, but it was the most relaxing, chilled and happy day.  Not what I expected nor what I have experienced in the past.

Mothers Day for the past 3 years has been filled with running around from home to home ensuring that both sides of the family were seen, and at the times that worked for them.  Planning and scheduling with brothers and sisters, making sure that no ones schedule conflicted with anyone else’s.  Making sure that every sibling and significant other got to see their mother.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’ve never had a mothers day that I thought was actually about me.  Until now.

Granted my hubby wasn’t home in the morning because he ran the Sporting Life 10K, and I was in charge of the kids that morning, it actually worked out.  Both kids even slept in!!  Other than waking at 6:15 to give the baby a bottle and putting himself, (then me) back to bed, I got to sleep until 8am!  8AM!!!  Yes you read that right.  That never happens!!

And although I had to get both kids dressed and fed, it was an absolute pleasure hanging out with my two boys all morning.  Especially walking downstairs to find a fully decorated fireplace with presents and cards courtesy of hubs.

I loved not having to rush after breakfast to get the kids ready to fly out the door to someone’s house for brunch or lunch.  Instead, we relaxed!  We watched TV, we played games, we enjoyed our morning!!!  I even finished a whole cup of coffee!!

The afternoon consisted of doing anything we wanted which couldn’t have been nicer.  And after a wonderful day with my 3 favourite people, the family and I went out to celebrate my mom who was also celebrating her 65th birthday.  Nothing could have been more perfect than ending the day celebrating my mom.

Nothing but our dinner was planned which I think is the reason it was such an amazing day.  Nowhere to rush to.  No one to please but yourself.  And for once, I actually felt like this Mothers Day was for me.

I hope all you moms out there had just as great of a day as I had.




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